Friday, July 8, 2011

Tabletop Pleasures

  First I want to say sorry for being away from my post. I have started a new second job and have been busily trying to complete my prerequisite's. I will complete in these in the morning and will be back on track.  In the mean time I wanted to show this project.


  What is it you may ask…….Well let me show another picture,


  They are turkey baster sticks each one has a large bead and a small bead glued on. They are used to replace toothpicks on a party table. This set was made in different colors so that each party goer has their own color. They store perfectly in a vintage salt shaker.  I did not make this set. But plan to make a set in red and green for Christmas gatherings as well as red white and blue. I thought this was a great project complements of my boss at work Linda.


  I will be posting some Christmas in July projects in the next week so stay tuned.

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