Saturday, April 30, 2011

Magnetic Bracelets



  To look at this it looks like just another beaded bracelet, but many of the beads are magnetic.  It is said that magnets help in pain relief and increase the flow of blood. I first heard about these kinds of bracelets at a holistic fair. I really wanted to try one as years of crocheting and cake decorating had taken its toll on my hands, but they wanted twenty dollars a bracelet. I made a deal to buy one of the least pretty ones for seventeen.  That was way more than I’d usually spend on something like this. I started wearing the bracelet and noticed a change in my hand. I continued wearing it for the next week until the magnet closure released itself and my bracelet was gone forever.

   I started looking for the magnetic beads thinking they must be hard to find. But low and behold Walmart carries the beads for a couple of dollars for a small handful. I mixed them with beads I already had., and findings from Ebay. and I now had a twenty dollar bracelet for a couple dollars. I work with the senior population and used to carry them in my car just waiting for someone to complain about their hands, and give them one of mine. When I got them done I reached a dilemma, I didn’t want to put a magnetic clasp on them because I had already lost one that way and I didn’t want to put a regular clasp on it as it is hard to use for someone with arthritis, so I  tied  a knot and put a drop of super glue to seal the knot in the elastic cord.



  Something interesting about these  bracelets, if you make several and do each the same exact design, you can line them up on your wrist and they will stick to each other making a wider bangle. If you make an assortment of colors, you can swap them out to match your outfits. The magnetic beads are black, but you can mix in any color with them.  This is a great gift for yourself or Mom. Happy Mother’s Day from The Victorian Rabbit.

Hard Rock Candy Hair Combs




   Tutorial for Hard Rock Candy Hair Combs


  These are the things you’ll need:Super Glue, Stretchy Cord, any kind of small beads, and a hair comb.

  First tie a Knot in the first eye of the comb and leave a four inch piece of cord hanging instead of cutting off. I usually use about twenty inches of cord total, because you will wrap all the way across two times.


  On the long end of the cord, string a bunch of beads you’ll need three to four beads for each tine of your comb.


  Next you’ll pull (in this case ) three beads over the front and thru the first tine. Then continue doing this thru each tine always pulling over the top and thru the next tine.


But wait your not done yet. Now take the long cord minus any beads and start wrapping over the top going back towards the first knot. You want to wrap the cord snuggly in between each  bead set. This will help to position all 008your beads and keep them from moving.


  When you have worked the cord back to the first knot tie it off with the four inch piece  you left at the beginning. Once your final knot is made put a couple drops of super glue on knot. When glue is dry cut off excess cord and you are done.

  Now you have probably noticed that some combs have  mixed beads and metal charms ect.  The metal pieces I have ordered off EBay. I love the ones that look like sprockets. You can usually order as many as four hundred parts for under two dollars. The cheapest place I have found to buy combs is Walgreens. They sell six sets for $3.99. I only buy beads on clearance. But I also reuse a lot of beads I have bought second hand. I break the necklaces, and store the beads. One of my “cheapy” friends calls this harvesting. Most of my beaded combs cost about $1.50 per set. I am asked constantly if I sell them or if I could make someone a set.

  The banana Clip shown is sold by Walgreens in their dollar bin. Process is the same just do it two times.  I hope you enjoy this project.  

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Netted Hair bows


  The next project I would like to show you is how to make netted bows. They are made with number 10  crochet cotton thread and minimal crochet skills. Stop back for the tutorial of this project. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Traveling Pants

 When you travel near or far,

Go by plane, or train, or car,

These Traveling pants be sure to use,

To take along those extra shoes,

In the pocket place your hose,

Then toss them in among your clothes.

While shopping today in one of my favorite department stores (St Vincent De Paul) I came across this little pair of pants and the above poem.  The bottom of the pants are sewn closed. And I only wish I knew who made these to give them proper credit.

traveling pants 003traveling pants 003traveling pants 001

traveling pants 003

    I hope you enjoy this post. Have what use and use what you have. This pair in perfect condition cost $0.50 with the poem included.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Welcome to my Blog

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Lorrie. I’m very excited that you stopped by.  The crafts I feature here are all my own personal designs, unless otherwise specified. If you see something that you like feel free to give it a whirl.  My patterns are my personal gift to my followers. If you use a design I would love to see how yours turned out and post your results.

   Become a Follower so I can go to your site and see what you make. Already I have visited the sites of all my current followers with blogs, and Id like to visit yours next.

  Projects may be used for personal use and gifts only. Patterns cannot be sold as they are the property of the Victorian Rabbit. If you post any part of this blog please give credit back to the Victorian Rabbit. I look so forward to getting to know you.

always kiss me goodnight 009

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tutorial for making a no sew quilt

  Since I have never seen anyone make a project like this, chances are good that you haven’t either. I decided to try something like this so it would be a project that anyone could do, even those that cannot sew. The possibilities of where you could take this project are endless. Imagine a back drop for altered art. How about a princess theme with buttons on each square? I plan to make another one for my room using fabrics covered in old watch faces. I will complete it using real watch faces. Look for that project in the next month. Keep in mind that you can use any shape. I would love to see one with circles, maybe rather than bias tape you could use wool pieces cut slightly larger to frame cut outs. What about yoyo’s. I better stop thinking so much so I will be able to finish this tonight.

  First you will need  A foam board. I bought mine at the dollar store. Next an assortment of fabric and a glue gun.

Extra Hot Whel Fabric and cupcake stand 001

  The next step is to glue cotton bating to the board. Cut strips and glue around edges to make a frame. You can hot glue blanket edging around framed area. or possibly use colored duct tape for texture.

capcake stand hot wheel wall quilt 006

  This is your frame. The beauty of this is that your fabrics wont move around on the board because of the batting allowing you a place to try out shapes and sizes without having to make that permanent commitment right away.

capcake stand hot wheel wall quilt 004

  Iron your pieces and start to glue the fabrics. Cut away any fabrics that didn’t quite line up right.Glue a small row of bias tape. Start with the smallest areas first and use the longer strips to even hide the edges of the smaller strips. I went around entire center design with a slightly larger bias tape then a red and gold rope over that. Time to embellish.I used a car patch left from my days in the embroidery business. I tried to pry the wheels off an old car. But unfortunately for me those little suckers are made really well. So needless to say no little cars were harmed in the making of this tutorial, as much as I would have liked to put a tire like a button in each corner square.

  Use what you have and have what you use. Cost of this project $1.00 for board. I paid ten dollars for charm pack of fabric. I have completed three projects and the fabric above will do several more. So I would guess $2.50  for fabric.  I purchased a large piece of cotton batting from Goodwill for .99 cents. I used less than half,but I’ll say fifty cents. Had the bias tape and blanket edging. Bringing my total cost to…drum roll please…..$4.00 

Hot Wheels No Sew Wall Quilt



  What to make for Easter for a little boy who eats sleeps hot wheel cars?  How about a no sew wall quilt and matching pillow cases.  Don’t forget some more cars. My grandson Tristan currently has so many cars he can no longer lift the tote he keeps them in.

Simple Little Booties

Extra Hot Whel Fabric and cupcake stand 002008

004 Extra Hot Whel Fabric and cupcake stand 003005

  I created this simple pattern for booties and have probably made a couple hundred sets. For years I would give a multi color six pack to any one I knew was expecting. I mean anyone wither they had a shower or not, even if I didn’t know them well.  My fondest memories with these booties was when my kids were in grade school and their school had a mitten or sock or hat tree for underprivileged kids I would fill my pockets with them and and when no one was looking I would hang them all over the tree.   They are inexpensive to make, look cute on and just make people happy.  I have used what I have and have what I use.  The cost of these booties are about $0.50-$0.75 per pair. They take about an hour per pair to make. I crochet fast so I can make a pair in about forty five minutes.

Shabby Chic Cupcake Stand

Extra Hot Whel Fabric and cupcake stand 002

  Recently I was looking for a cupcake stand. I searched the web but could only find cardboard and wood as well as the traditional Wilton. But I wanted something amazing. I worked as a professional cake decorator for twelve years and can make amazing cupcakes (will show in in a later post). So one night at two in the morning I woke up in a cold sweat. I had an idea. By three I was building glass structures from my faux crystal and dollar store remnants.

Extra Hot Whel Fabric and cupcake stand 003

capcake stand hot wheel wall quilt 001

  If you would like to make one of these, start by washing your glass and letting totally air dry. Create you tower. Put it together over the course of a couple days. Use Gorilla glue to hold the glass together. Let dry for several days. Use an enjoy. They would make stunning centerpieces, holding holiday decorations after the cupcakes are gone.

   Extra Hot Whel Fabric and cupcake stand 004

  Use what you have and have what you use. The cost of the this project was $3.99 for the gorilla glue. Don’t my vintage rabbits look better against this backdrop? Tomorrow the glass shelves will be full of Easter treats.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Brunch Table

  Welcome to my Easter Brunch. There is still so much to do but I am so glad you stopped by………Easter table 005

Easter table 006Easter table 008Easter table 007

Easter table 010

This is one Tired Rabbit. The bunnies Below look a little out of sorts but just wait till tomorrow I have a big surprise for them.Easter table 012 

Easter table 012

  I hope you enjoyed my Easter Brunch Table and even more that you have a wonderful Easter…………From The Victorian Rabbit

  Use what you have and have what you use. Total cost for this project is $3.00.  I purchased three packages of glitter eggs at the dollar store.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elegant handmade card

  A friend at work not only made us each a beautiful card, she even showed us how to make them. She stamped the design on card stock, embossed the design then glued metallic ribbon to sides and finished with beads. What do you think?always kiss me goodnight 008

  She then wrote a poem of Easter wishes in gold ink. The envelope closes with a gold sparkly bunny.

A Victorian Make up bag

  Recently I was looking for a make up bag that would hold everything and still be pretty enough to leave out on overnight trips. I couldn’t find one I liked so I decided to make one. I followed the tutorial on I made my bag bigger to hold perfume deodorant etc.. I picked really pretty brocade fabrics from my stash and voila……always kiss me goodnight 003

always kiss me goodnight 004

always kiss me goodnight 006always kiss me goodnight 007

  Use what you have and have what you use. My total cost for this project was $0.00, As I create with with what I have.

My favorite things

I just wanted to show you one of my favorite things. It is a lovely picture of angels kissing. Above it is the sign my sister gave me that reads “Always kiss me goodnight”. Funny I had looked for that exact sign for quite some time. Then while visiting she just gave me this one. These hang proudly in my formal dining room. I love the frame for the angels because I collect old silverware and it ties in to all my table settings. What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment. Id love to read your thoughts.always kiss me goodnight 001

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank you my friend

I would like to say Thank You to a very special person.Her name is Sherrie. She is not only my sister but she is also the proprietor of the blog A Vintage Affaire.  You see I have always wanted to follow the amazing paths her life has taken, but was a little unsure if I could do any way near as well as she has.  Sherrie helped me set up this blog and has encouraged every step of the way, both in time and resources' to make this dream a reality. She has one of the most amazing blogs I have ever seen as well as an antique shop and very impressive full time career. She floats through life with grace and poise making time for friends, family, grandbabies and even helping me to create my dreams.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Victorian Easter Banner

The Easter Banner is complete. I hope you enjoy this project. Happy Easter to all.001


easterbanner 003

Silly rabbit…I should have known it would take more than one day to complete this glorious banner. Today I am making the Victorian bunnies to complete the look. problem is I have so many supplies I keep finding more to add. Banner will be hanging tomorrow. I’ll add a picture of the completed project then.

 more easter 001more easter 002

  My First Project What could it be? I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I love to craft, I enjoy a project even more if I don’t have to buy any supplies. Everything for this project I had the ingredients for, yep no trips to Jo Ann's. I have acquired a lot of supplies through thrifty shopping as well as free downloads.


  I love my job and decided to make some decorations for the lovely people I work with.

  I printed from  the rose motif banner pieces and cupcake toppers at “Accent The Party” and then cut the designs from black foam sheets. I glued mauve ribbon around each piece. Then glued silver strand beads around the borders.



  These are some other items I pulled for this project just because.


  Tomorrow I will Post the finished project. I sure hope you check back.

6 001

    Use what you have and have what you use. My total cost for this project was $0.00. I already had all supplies.