Thursday, July 28, 2011

Folded Paper Cd Holder

  Last week I was lucky enough to have my sister over for few days  My sister is Sherrie who created the blog A Vintage Afaire. And of course she had some new and great ideas. Sherrie created the pattern and spent several hours folding the Cd Covers made entirely of sheet music.  While she was doing this I covered the perfect chip board covers. I am very new to altered art although I really like it.  Together we created this……..


  Funny after we got it done I realized the only words that can be read of the music were “Thy Dreaming Heart”, and I liked that.  My sister is the master of finding the music that best soothes the soul at any given time. And the music she shares with me always has a deeper meaning. At this point in my life I have decided to lighten up.  To lighten up my house, lighten up my garden chores and lighten up my spirit.  And take some time to do some things I have wanted to for years and never made the time. During her visit we chopped down ten years of growth from vines growing next to my house and we both amazed how much brighter my front room became instantly. I have spent the last week clearing the dead wood from my yard. And will continue to clear my life of things that no longer work for me. My next project is to convert an extra bedroom into the craft room I have always wanted. With lavender walls and floral designs that don’t need so much tending. A place to relax and create. This Cd holder will become part of the d├ęcor of this room, inviting more great times like the ones we had creating it.



Have a great week With love form the Victorian Rabbit.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tabletop Pleasures

  First I want to say sorry for being away from my post. I have started a new second job and have been busily trying to complete my prerequisite's. I will complete in these in the morning and will be back on track.  In the mean time I wanted to show this project.


  What is it you may ask…….Well let me show another picture,


  They are turkey baster sticks each one has a large bead and a small bead glued on. They are used to replace toothpicks on a party table. This set was made in different colors so that each party goer has their own color. They store perfectly in a vintage salt shaker.  I did not make this set. But plan to make a set in red and green for Christmas gatherings as well as red white and blue. I thought this was a great project complements of my boss at work Linda.


  I will be posting some Christmas in July projects in the next week so stay tuned.