Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding Cake

  I went to the most beautiful wedding today, with butterflies and dragonflies surrounding the happy couple, and I became a Mother in law.

What a perfect day. Congratulations to my son Christopher and his new wife Koni.

  Here is the cake I made for the happy occasion.



  Have a Beautiful week from The Victorian Rabbit.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

100 Purple Hats For Babies


  I just wanted to post that we now have 100 purple hats for babies that we will be donating to Children’s Hospital in Seattle Wa., for the cause of educating new parents of the damage caused by shaken baby syndrome. Congratulations to all who have participated.  Now to the next 100…..

Place’s I Party


I have been to some great parties lately, and would like to invite you too.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crocheted Spa Style Wash Cloths


  This year for Christmas I have decided to make spa gift baskets.  They will include many things all hand make including these.  They are 100% cotton. hypoallergenic washcloths. They have hang tags so they can hang to dry right on your faucet. I have them currently in all rooms of my house. They are very good at exfoliating skin, yet they work well also for doing dishes as I have found.

Tawashi's 003

  These are my citrus version…


  At Christmas time I think a basket of these in a guest bathroom with a tag suggesting your guests take one would be a sweet surprise. The smaller ones are facial scrubbers. They are made by cutting the original pattern in half. and making a two level rose instead of three. I want to attach pretty vellum bags. and soap that looks like peppermint bark from the Soap Queens Blog.


  These are some for our frog bathroom.  The colors are actually much brighter.



  These are set I made for my sister’s oh so French bathroom.  By the way Sherrie I finally got them done.


  I made a dozen of these that sit in a basket by my kitchen sink.



  One cone of sugar and cream cotton yarn makes about 11-12 of these so I have lots of purple too.


  How about one for your favorite child?


  These I use in my bathroom.

  When going to the gym they are perfect to slid around your wrist to not take a chance of dropping on the shower floor. (Maybe its me, but, after seeing the germ count of public showers. a dropped cloth would not be reused).

  I recently took a part time job working with brain injured people, and couldn’t help but think how useful these could be for them( with the wrist handle)

  So now you are probably asking how do you make a double sided round wash cloth?  Lets start with the basics….

Tawashi's 001

  The original pattern is called a Tawashi and can be printed from this site

  Once you have made the cloth and and are closing the final seam. cut an eleven inch piece of macramé cord. Tie the ends together with a slip knot. lay your knotted piece into seam at the point it will be at top of finished cloth and continue closing seam. You do not have to sew in knot, just closing the seam will hold cord in place.

  Next step add two crocheted leaves and a crocheted rose.

  Before you sew on your rose you need to make two leaves.

  This is a different leave than I usually use, I will continue to search for a pattern like mine.

  I have made well over a hundred of these, as I figure any that are not given as gifts for Christmas I can add to my Christmas Craft booth. I will be adding several more projects for spa gifts as all will be used for my spa baskets. Have a great week with love from The Victorian Rabbit.

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