Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Breaking News

  The ladies of the Pacific Algona Community Center have now completed 200 handmade Purple Baby Hats to donate to hospitals as a way of educating new parents of shaken baby syndrome. More information for this project can be found in the crochet section of this blog as well as a really cute pattern.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hot Latte’ Place Mats



   This is a posting devoted to some really cool fabrics I bought at our Sewing Expo Show. I seldom buy much fabric unless it is something I consider to be quite impressive.   I bought a whole panel of this quilt fabric for just $3.75.   Let me show you some of the design squares before I show what I made from them.


    I bought the fabric to make kitchen items for my daughters first home.   Her entire kitchen is done in a coffee theme.   And has the feel of a true espresso cafĂ©. She has many different patterns in her kitchen but all keep with a same color scheme. I used my panel of fabric to create Place mats and kitchen towels to add to her collection.   I had never made placemats before but they were very easy.   Here is my first attempt.


  And here are some more…..


  I wanted to use as much of the fabric as possible to carry the theme, and when I couldn’t make another placemat I finished up with coffee towels.   She has a good sized collection of all kinds of kitchen towels but none like the ones I’ll be posting tomorrow.   Have a great week, with love from The Victorian Rabbit.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Simple Baby Blanket


  I get these ideas…sometimes when I look at the simplest things.  These are baby blankets that sell at Walgreens for about a dollar.  They are are actually sold in three packs for three dollars a pack. When I looked at them I noticed they had a blanket stitch to finish them and a blanket stitch can be a great anchor for a simple crocheted border. so I bought a couple of packs eons ago. I added a border while watching TV. And like I said in an earlier post I turn all my small bits of yarn into roses and leaves that I can pull out and add to a project on a whim.


They come in lots of patterns in pinks blues and yellows. This is a very fast project, and can be completed using up scrap yarn. They make great baby shower gifts too.


  I didn’t want to post a border stitch pattern because I seldom use the same one and I make them up as I go. This particular one is a shell border and a second row of two chains and a picot in the top of each shell from the first row. I hope you enjoy this little project. Have a great week , with love from the Victorian Rabbit.

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