Sunday, August 14, 2011

Paper Roses

Another fun project we used anything and everything to create these including sheets from phone books. gift wrap, tissue paper, music sheets would be nice in the pale color ones.. 014

  We started with stacks of tissue and gift wrap squares and map paper.



   We began with patterns but soon realized it was far easier to make a 005pie wedge and cut one petal shape from wide end.



Then we cut ,cut, cut.




  We added distress inks and glitter  We crumpled up our flower and unfolded to get an aged look,



We then began gluing the layers together, adding an old brooch or button. We finished these with a magnet on the backs. What I found was that the ones done in whites and off whites were my favorites.

  I want to  make more of these in whites to decorate Christmas gifts this year.

  This is another project completed in craft classes at the Pacific Algona Senior Center in Pacific Washington.

  Have a great week with love from The Victorian Rabbit

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  1. These are cute! And would definitely make great decor for Christmas gifts!

  2. They came out beautifully Lorrie!


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