Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Caterer”s New Clothes

  In these tough economic times it seems we are working harder than ever just to stay where we were. We are taking on more side projects to generate a little more cash. Well The Victorian Rabbit is sharing her little project for the week.

  I 'am catering a get together for 100 people today. We are having fried chicken and ham. Lots of salad's, fruit and veggie trays rolls baked Beans (boy they smell good). And a full sheet decorated cake with the sweetest message.  I have picked antique gold, yellows and lavenders and sage green for our color scheme.  It is very pretty.

   But what part time caterer could could get by without a dress up apron? Not this one.  I was sewing up until a few minutes ago.

This what I came up with….


Here’s more pictures….






And what could be better than a new apron for party work? How about one for all who help.


  Well I better go the caravan leaves in one hour. Have a great week,with love from The Victorian Rabbit.

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  1. Love your aprons!! I so need a cute apron! Good luck with your event!


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