Sunday, June 19, 2011

Up cycle Lap top Bag




  Recently My Sister and I attended The Funky junk sister’s antique show.  While waiting in line we were given these bags…



  I was very excited . I told my sister, “look they are giving us free craft supplies too”.

  The bags were canvas and well made. My mind began to wander off to all the things I could do with this little bag.  I decided that I needed a lap top bag for my new computer. An amazing bag with a padded lap top case carrier, lots of pockets for camera and cords, and maybe a bag for  the notebook I carry with favorite web places and all my new friends web addresses. I would want all bright colors to go with this original bag. So the Victorian Rabbit ran to her sewing machine to create.  And this is what I came up with….

  This is the front of the bag before the pockets were sewn on by hand


  This is my new padded lap top carrier




     And this is the padded laptop carrier after the wrinkles were steamed out in my new bag.



  Oh and about that sweet little bag to carry notebooks and more essentials…..



  So as I put it all together it looks like this…



  You know I think I might take my laptop to Starbucks this morning for a cup of coffee. Have a great week, with love from The Victorian Rabbit.

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  1. An excellent laptop bag...very creative. Looks great.


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