Saturday, May 7, 2011

Angel Bookmark

Angel Bookmark 002Angel Bookmark 001

  This bookmark, I made as a tribute to my mother for Mother’s Day.  

  My mother was a professional seamstress and  an artist. Growing up we wore hand tailored clothes without ever realizing the value of her creations.  My mother seldom bought patterns she would make her own.  She was someone who could make something from nothing.  She had the ability to see the smallest of details which she used all throughout her artwork.  She was one of the kindest people you could ever meet. I can remember her sewing first day of school outfits for those without mothers in their lives. She taught us poetry as children ,(most I still remember). She planted magnificent gardens and grew African violets for gifts to others. She was probably the greatest inspirations I could ever have had . My mother had a unique way of helping others without them ever realizing what she was doing.  Although she passed on very young, the lessons she taught us of life, have lived on in each of us.(her children).

  Tomorrow on Mother’s Day I will add this bookmark to her album of pictures as I count my blessings that she was my mother.


  1. Beautiful tribute Lorrie :0)

  2. You couldn't have done your mother more proud Lorrie, love your tribute...


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