Friday, May 13, 2011

Back Home

After five long days and nights at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital In Tacoma, our little guy is finally back home. We still don’t have a solid diagnosis on what caused him to become so ill, but he is continuing testing and is having more blood work as I type. He seems to be doing a little better. But still has so much swelling in his joints he cannot wear shoes. Not really sure if he’ll be returning to school this year.

  I wanted to share some of the handmade gifts he received at the hospital. The next three pictures are of his Bravery Quilt. This quilt was handmade by by the ladies of a local Baptist Church, and was given to him on his second day in the hospital.


  When my little buddy was admitted he was put in a very sterile looking bed all white, with this bright colored Pillow case with cats and dogs on it. It looked so cheerful and happy. I apologize that the pictures are showing this beautiful pillowcase as being wrinkly from his constant use. We were very surprised when he got ready to leave they said it was for him to keep.  It really touched our hearts that these beautiful people gave of their time and talents to brighten the day of a very sick little boy that they had never met.



  We want to thank everyone for their prayers and get well wishes.  It has been a rough week but thankfully we have been blessed with so many good and kind hearted people around us. With love from The Victorian Rabbit.



  1. Lorrie, so glad your little guy is home and hope they find out the problem real soon. How lovely that they gave him the Bravery quilt and the pillow case, people are wonderful aren't they? Take care, hope all is well real soon, Deb

  2. What a wonderful site you have. It is quiet, restful and beautiful. It makes a great getaway from the day's hectic crazyness!



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