Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Purse Accessories


  Recently I changed banks for better interest, No extra fees and all the other reasons they use to reel you in.  I just got my first checks package.  Yes three individual checkbooks for just $15.00. And with your first order comes this…


  This is the strangest check book cover I have ever seen. It is thick as a regular piece of paper. Really? Apparently the check register is sold separately. But the good news is I’ve already made 0.06 interest on my checking account for the first month. Yahoo. Before you know it I will be able to purchase a check register too. Just hope the checks don’t run out first.

  After careful thought I realized they couldn’t be serious.That was when I decided it must have been sent to me as a pattern, to create one that would last.  So off The Victorian Rabbit ran to her sewing machine to create.

  First she created a checkbook cover. then a matching eye glass case,but why stop there… A tissue holder and a lariat for her keys.



  The tissue holder is not complete without the glitter girl treatment. I debated on showing you this, but read on and I’ll show you my secret ingredient.


  How did I get this  shimmer you may ask? With this…010

  These are glitter nail polishes sold at the dollar store. They were intended to be used to paint designs on fingernails.  They come with very long thin brushes and work better than any glitter product I have ever used.  They are light they don’t soak thru fabrics. They don’t wash out.  And this product works fantastic on paper too. Below is an example on paper Christmas tags I’ve been working on.


  So now you know my glitter secret. I 'am feeling much better too about my banking woes.  Have a great week , With love from the Victorian Rabbit



  1. Great idea to make the checkbook cover and all the other matching accessories. I especially love the glitter!! Stopping by from Somewhat Simple blog hop.

  2. Hi Lorrie! Your checkbook cover and other pieces look wonderful! Thanks for the info on the glitter nail polish and for joining my party.

  3. Such a cute checkbook cover!! What a great idea- thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday this week~ hope you will come back and share again soon!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! Your pieces are beautiful. I think I need to make a few purse accessories for myself, too.

    Those flimsy checkbook covers are truly a joke, but at least I get free check registers with my checks. Do you think somebody at the bank doesn't realize you need one in order to balance your account? :)

    Thanks for the tip about glittery nail polish. I don't usually look in that section, but I'll have to take a peek the next time I'm in our dollar store.

  5. love your check book cover & tissue cover. however the BEST tip i've seen in a blog in a long time is using glitter nail polish as a craft project I LOVE THAT!

    following from boost my blog

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