Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fabric Flower Hair Barrettes


  Sometimes you see a craft that is just so cool you have to try it. These are origami folded fabric flower Barrettes. Yep guess by now you have figured out I am a kind of hair person (no I don’t mean hairy). I just like lots of little pretties as I wear my hair up Monday through Friday at work. And only let it down at night and on weekends (Silly job requirements). But it gives me the chance to try out lots of up do’s and the chance to show off lots of my handmade hair items. I hope you enjoy.






  This is another version, I call Flower on a stick. No just kidding These are hair pins. 

With love from the Victorian Rabbit


  1. These hairpins look wonderful Lorrie, they're very elegantly made! Have a great weekend, Ira

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  3. Thanks for sharing. But I must just not be seeing how to make the flowers. Is there a tut


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