Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hard Rock Candy Hair Combs




   Tutorial for Hard Rock Candy Hair Combs


  These are the things you’ll need:Super Glue, Stretchy Cord, any kind of small beads, and a hair comb.

  First tie a Knot in the first eye of the comb and leave a four inch piece of cord hanging instead of cutting off. I usually use about twenty inches of cord total, because you will wrap all the way across two times.


  On the long end of the cord, string a bunch of beads you’ll need three to four beads for each tine of your comb.


  Next you’ll pull (in this case ) three beads over the front and thru the first tine. Then continue doing this thru each tine always pulling over the top and thru the next tine.


But wait your not done yet. Now take the long cord minus any beads and start wrapping over the top going back towards the first knot. You want to wrap the cord snuggly in between each  bead set. This will help to position all 008your beads and keep them from moving.


  When you have worked the cord back to the first knot tie it off with the four inch piece  you left at the beginning. Once your final knot is made put a couple drops of super glue on knot. When glue is dry cut off excess cord and you are done.

  Now you have probably noticed that some combs have  mixed beads and metal charms ect.  The metal pieces I have ordered off EBay. I love the ones that look like sprockets. You can usually order as many as four hundred parts for under two dollars. The cheapest place I have found to buy combs is Walgreens. They sell six sets for $3.99. I only buy beads on clearance. But I also reuse a lot of beads I have bought second hand. I break the necklaces, and store the beads. One of my “cheapy” friends calls this harvesting. Most of my beaded combs cost about $1.50 per set. I am asked constantly if I sell them or if I could make someone a set.

  The banana Clip shown is sold by Walgreens in their dollar bin. Process is the same just do it two times.  I hope you enjoy this project.  

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  1. Oh, I think your combs are charming and a modern twist to an old-fashioned beauty item. Brilliant!


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