Saturday, April 23, 2011

Simple Little Booties

Extra Hot Whel Fabric and cupcake stand 002008

004 Extra Hot Whel Fabric and cupcake stand 003005

  I created this simple pattern for booties and have probably made a couple hundred sets. For years I would give a multi color six pack to any one I knew was expecting. I mean anyone wither they had a shower or not, even if I didn’t know them well.  My fondest memories with these booties was when my kids were in grade school and their school had a mitten or sock or hat tree for underprivileged kids I would fill my pockets with them and and when no one was looking I would hang them all over the tree.   They are inexpensive to make, look cute on and just make people happy.  I have used what I have and have what I use.  The cost of these booties are about $0.50-$0.75 per pair. They take about an hour per pair to make. I crochet fast so I can make a pair in about forty five minutes.

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  1. your simple baby booties pattern is so cute! Would we be able to request the pattern?


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