Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tutorial for making a no sew quilt

  Since I have never seen anyone make a project like this, chances are good that you haven’t either. I decided to try something like this so it would be a project that anyone could do, even those that cannot sew. The possibilities of where you could take this project are endless. Imagine a back drop for altered art. How about a princess theme with buttons on each square? I plan to make another one for my room using fabrics covered in old watch faces. I will complete it using real watch faces. Look for that project in the next month. Keep in mind that you can use any shape. I would love to see one with circles, maybe rather than bias tape you could use wool pieces cut slightly larger to frame cut outs. What about yoyo’s. I better stop thinking so much so I will be able to finish this tonight.

  First you will need  A foam board. I bought mine at the dollar store. Next an assortment of fabric and a glue gun.

Extra Hot Whel Fabric and cupcake stand 001

  The next step is to glue cotton bating to the board. Cut strips and glue around edges to make a frame. You can hot glue blanket edging around framed area. or possibly use colored duct tape for texture.

capcake stand hot wheel wall quilt 006

  This is your frame. The beauty of this is that your fabrics wont move around on the board because of the batting allowing you a place to try out shapes and sizes without having to make that permanent commitment right away.

capcake stand hot wheel wall quilt 004

  Iron your pieces and start to glue the fabrics. Cut away any fabrics that didn’t quite line up right.Glue a small row of bias tape. Start with the smallest areas first and use the longer strips to even hide the edges of the smaller strips. I went around entire center design with a slightly larger bias tape then a red and gold rope over that. Time to embellish.I used a car patch left from my days in the embroidery business. I tried to pry the wheels off an old car. But unfortunately for me those little suckers are made really well. So needless to say no little cars were harmed in the making of this tutorial, as much as I would have liked to put a tire like a button in each corner square.

  Use what you have and have what you use. Cost of this project $1.00 for board. I paid ten dollars for charm pack of fabric. I have completed three projects and the fabric above will do several more. So I would guess $2.50  for fabric.  I purchased a large piece of cotton batting from Goodwill for .99 cents. I used less than half,but I’ll say fifty cents. Had the bias tape and blanket edging. Bringing my total cost to…drum roll please…..$4.00 

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  1. And another one of your clever ideas, thanks for sharing Lorrie!


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