Saturday, April 30, 2011

Magnetic Bracelets



  To look at this it looks like just another beaded bracelet, but many of the beads are magnetic.  It is said that magnets help in pain relief and increase the flow of blood. I first heard about these kinds of bracelets at a holistic fair. I really wanted to try one as years of crocheting and cake decorating had taken its toll on my hands, but they wanted twenty dollars a bracelet. I made a deal to buy one of the least pretty ones for seventeen.  That was way more than I’d usually spend on something like this. I started wearing the bracelet and noticed a change in my hand. I continued wearing it for the next week until the magnet closure released itself and my bracelet was gone forever.

   I started looking for the magnetic beads thinking they must be hard to find. But low and behold Walmart carries the beads for a couple of dollars for a small handful. I mixed them with beads I already had., and findings from Ebay. and I now had a twenty dollar bracelet for a couple dollars. I work with the senior population and used to carry them in my car just waiting for someone to complain about their hands, and give them one of mine. When I got them done I reached a dilemma, I didn’t want to put a magnetic clasp on them because I had already lost one that way and I didn’t want to put a regular clasp on it as it is hard to use for someone with arthritis, so I  tied  a knot and put a drop of super glue to seal the knot in the elastic cord.



  Something interesting about these  bracelets, if you make several and do each the same exact design, you can line them up on your wrist and they will stick to each other making a wider bangle. If you make an assortment of colors, you can swap them out to match your outfits. The magnetic beads are black, but you can mix in any color with them.  This is a great gift for yourself or Mom. Happy Mother’s Day from The Victorian Rabbit.


  1. I love these, they are so beautiful.. thank you fore visiting my blog Lorrie, and that rabbit on you profile is the so cute :) Hugs, Anne

  2. Pretty and it reminds me that I have some beads downstairs that I should use to make one for myself. I think using the mouse makes my right hand numb. Perhaps one would be helpful to me. ♥♫

  3. Fantastic! I wanted to stop by and mosey around and say thanks for stopping by my "place" to visit! Next time I go to Walmart I will be looking for some to make some of these fantastic bracelets too!

  4. Lovely bracelets, Thank you for sharing them on Masterpiece Monday, Mary :O)

  5. I wanna try a magnetic bracelet! I was a potter and from years of throwing clay in a wheel my wrists and hands hurt sometimes. Thanks for the tutorial :o)


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