Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank you my friend

I would like to say Thank You to a very special person.Her name is Sherrie. She is not only my sister but she is also the proprietor of the blog A Vintage Affaire.  You see I have always wanted to follow the amazing paths her life has taken, but was a little unsure if I could do any way near as well as she has.  Sherrie helped me set up this blog and has encouraged every step of the way, both in time and resources' to make this dream a reality. She has one of the most amazing blogs I have ever seen as well as an antique shop and very impressive full time career. She floats through life with grace and poise making time for friends, family, grandbabies and even helping me to create my dreams.

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  1. Lorrie,

    Just wanted to stop by to say hi and thank you for visiting my blog, and I see you are new to blogging. Welcome! I also visit your sister's lovely blog when time permits. It looks like you are off to a really nice start with interesting posts so I am sure your blog will be every bit as successful as hers.

    I thought it was interesting that I share your sister's name (albeit a different spelling) and you share my sister's name (albeit a different spelling-Lori). :)

    Thanks again for your visit!



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