Saturday, April 16, 2011

Victorian Easter Banner

The Easter Banner is complete. I hope you enjoy this project. Happy Easter to all.001


easterbanner 003

Silly rabbit…I should have known it would take more than one day to complete this glorious banner. Today I am making the Victorian bunnies to complete the look. problem is I have so many supplies I keep finding more to add. Banner will be hanging tomorrow. I’ll add a picture of the completed project then.

 more easter 001more easter 002

  My First Project What could it be? I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I love to craft, I enjoy a project even more if I don’t have to buy any supplies. Everything for this project I had the ingredients for, yep no trips to Jo Ann's. I have acquired a lot of supplies through thrifty shopping as well as free downloads.


  I love my job and decided to make some decorations for the lovely people I work with.

  I printed from  the rose motif banner pieces and cupcake toppers at “Accent The Party” and then cut the designs from black foam sheets. I glued mauve ribbon around each piece. Then glued silver strand beads around the borders.



  These are some other items I pulled for this project just because.


  Tomorrow I will Post the finished project. I sure hope you check back.

6 001

    Use what you have and have what you use. My total cost for this project was $0.00. I already had all supplies.

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  1. I love your banner. The colors are so pretty. I found your blog while visiting sister's blog.

    I am pretty new to blogging but I want to welcome you. Have a happy Easter



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