Sunday, April 24, 2011

Welcome to my Blog

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Lorrie. I’m very excited that you stopped by.  The crafts I feature here are all my own personal designs, unless otherwise specified. If you see something that you like feel free to give it a whirl.  My patterns are my personal gift to my followers. If you use a design I would love to see how yours turned out and post your results.

   Become a Follower so I can go to your site and see what you make. Already I have visited the sites of all my current followers with blogs, and Id like to visit yours next.

  Projects may be used for personal use and gifts only. Patterns cannot be sold as they are the property of the Victorian Rabbit. If you post any part of this blog please give credit back to the Victorian Rabbit. I look so forward to getting to know you.

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  1. Hi Lorrie,
    it's lovely to meet a new blog buddy and I hope we can see more of each other's creations, that's why I became your follower straight away. Hope you will meet lots of nice people in blog land and most important: have fun creating!!
    Have a nice day (oh, I love your blog name, btw, but then again I love anything that has a bunny and/or rabbit in it, LOL!) Ira


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